Review: Salad Creations (Madison WI)


This salad bar restaurant is awesome. It has been around for 2 years and I wish I had discovered it sooner. You can create your own salad for about $8 if you don't add meat and don't get a soda. You can add chick peas, black beans, hard boiled egg, or nuts for no extra charge. That's awesome, because egg is a great (and vegetarian, but not vegan) protein source. Even without egg it's a high fiber meal.

I am always hesitant to eat raw foods at public restaurants, but they seem to keep this place spotlessly clean and the salad chefs all wear plastic gloves and head gear.

Impressed, the three time I have been here. Four stars.

Best Video Baby Monitors

So, I am subscribed to the mailing list of This is the web site of a woman who looks for profitable internet marketing niches and then shares them with her readers, along with a list of worthwhile keywords.

As an experiment, I am going to backlink to another post I wrote about the niche for digital baby monitors, using as my backlinking keyword "digital baby monitors reviews," because that was a very high yield, albeit awkward sounding, keyword. Actually, it is two keywords blended together for maximum traffic, "digital baby monitors" and "baby monitors reviews."

Also, since this Posterous post also posts to Blogger and Wordpress, I will get a triple backlink.

That's the theory anyway. I am sure the charlatans at Google have found a way to counter such underhanded methods.

Review: The Free House Pub (Middleton WI)

Some coworkers and I decided to explore the brand new Free House Pub in Middleton WI for our weekly "team building." It is excellent.

It has only been open for a week. The staff are awesome, as is the beer selection. I am about to taste their portabello mushroom sandwich and I will let you know what I think...

Wow. Good. Some kind of cheesy white sauce that is really good. I got a side of greens, health nut that I am, and it was a little warm, but still crisp, and I am sitting outise on their sweet patio in 88 degree weather.

Their beers are only $4/pint, a good $1.25 cheaper than our other "team building" venue, the Claddagh Irish Pub. Plus, they are a dollar off during happy hour, from 5 to 6:30 pm.

4 out of 5 stars. As you know, that 5th star is reserved for repeated reliability on QUALITY. So we will have to come here a few more times and see how they do.

West Bend, Wisconsin: More Nazi Than The Nazis


Speaks for itself.

Glenn Grothman wants to make any kind of non-married parenthood a crime. Not just any crime, child abuse.

If you live in West Bend, WI, I pity you. Glenn Grothman is a total douche nugget, and he represents you, people of West Bend.

You probably meant well when you elected this nut job.

If, on the other hand, you agree with Mr. Grothman, and apparently a majority of you do (I don't think West Bend has touch screen voting machines yet...), then you can go pound sand right up your ass.

Luckily, my sister does not live anywhere near the Nazi-esque community of West Bend, because she raised two twins on her own, and they turned out a lot better than most peoples' kids.

But as long as they don't turn out like Glenn Grothman or the extremist fear and hate mongers of West Bend WI that elected him, I would be OK with that.

How Are You Celebrating Your Independence?

Today at 5 pm, I have to play an outdoor jazz gig in Madison WI, which is under an Excessive Heat Warning due to temperatures over 100 degrees.

The venue, if you can believe this, does not provide ice cold free drinks for the band.

That in un-American, and I am going to express my freedom and independence by bringing my own small cooler of ice cold microbrews and soda (lemon-lime Squirt, if you must know, which is exceptionally cooling on a day like today), which will be exclusively for me and my band mates.

If the venue doesn't like it, they have a choice. Three choices actually. They can give us free ice cold drinks to keep cool while we are performing in this blazing inferno, or they can let us play indoors where it is air conditioned (and where all the patrons will think they are going to sit outside in this heat?), or they can go pound sand right up their asses.

It's time for people to stand up for their principles and in my America, when a band pours out its heart and soul to entertain people, it gets FREE F*CKING ICE COLD BEER!

Dig it.