Have you ever known someone who you just have a complete inability to communicate with in any way, even though you both speak the English language?

I know a woman like this. She is a friend of one of my band mates and sometimes she will come to a show.

Trying to be sociable, I will say something nice or ask how she is doing. She hears something completely different and either gets completely befuddled by my words or in some cases insulted. She'll say something to me in return and I totally don't understand what she is saying at all.

It's bizarre. And consistent. Like, I think sometimes that it will be different, but it never is. It's like our brains exist in two completely different and mutually exclusive universes. She's not a bad person and I don't dislike her. We just have NOTHING. Zero connection or communication.

We are also "friends" on Facebook for some incomprehensible reason, though I had to unfollow her because her incomprehensible posts were cluttering my news feed. But she'll still sometimes send me a FB private message and even though the words look like your basic simple query or comment in English, I must apparently be totally misinterpreting them. Because as soon as I reply with what I think is a basic simple response in English, everything goes immediately to shit.

She'll either respond with: "What?" (Meaning, I assume, I did not understand what you said, which is a mutual feeling I can totally relate to...)

Or she'll completely misread what I wrote and react negatively.

So, I know I have to sever ties, because associating with her is like standing next to a black hole that drains time and energy.

But I am just wondering if you have ever encountered someone like this, so completely opposite to you that they suck your life force completely out every time you interact with them?