How to Tell if Your Social Media Post is Not Worth Posting

1. Write your social media post.
2. Delete it without posting.
3. Is the world better or worse off because of steps 1 and 2?


My $0.02 Cents on Police Violence (and Worth Half That!)

After 9/11, police forces in America were militarized. This is often overlooked, but is a major contributor to the current epidemic of police violence on unarmed and innocent civilians, predominantly minorities.

Militaries fight enemies. Police forces protect communities. There is a reason these are separate entities. Militaries do not police. They enter hostile areas and eliminate enemies, often with collateral damage. Police forces are supposed to work WITH communities and protect the areas they police. When you militarize police forces, you change the paradigm. Now police become separate from their communities, invaders, occupiers, and adversaries. The police then view the communities they are supposed to protect as hostile and everyone becomes a potential threat (foes not friends). That's why we have such high levels of unprovoked police violence against civilians, and subsequent protests.*

When the police are no longer protectors, they become the enemies of their communities. Then it becomes WAR not policing. Then you have race riots like the one happening in Charlotte NC as I am writing this.

*It is worth noting that police violence kills far more Americans on American soil than foreign terrorism, even when you include the deaths on 9/11. So Americans have collectively dropped the ball somewhere. [SOURCE]


Overall, I liked the Oliver Stone biopic movie "Snowden." It had a few slow moments, but it was still quite educational and had a few thrills. I left the movie even more strongly convinced that Edward Snowden was a true patriot not a turncoat. He spoke truth to power as is necessary in a democracy, and the Corporate Powers have demonized him because democracy does not maximize their profits.

The most frightening thing I learned from the movie is that the NSA can access the camera on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON, and WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE (the light won't even turn on to let you know you are being spied on). I guess this was all common knowledge after Snowden leaked the info, but I had always been skeptical until seeing this movie.

So now there is tape over my laptop camera and I am not voting for any candidate who doesn't promise to stop NSA wiretapping (I haven't heard either Clinton or Trump indicate this and my vote is sequestered until they unlock it with such a promise).

There are people who say they don't care if the NSA spies on them, because they have nothing to hide. To them I say, please give me access to your smart phone and email so I can see what's on it. You have nothing to hide after what's the harm?

Awesome Discovery

I determined that just about as many people come to my bands' shows when I promote the performances as when I don't (somewhere between zero and epsilon*), and this is a very liberating revelation, because the substantial time and energy I have been investing in promo can now be redirected to making the rock-n-roll even better. And it was already pretty feckin' good.

* Epsilon: A Greek mathematical symbol representing and arbitrarily small positive quantity.

The Provinces Need Better Music

Your Mom (the band) is rocking a phenomenal show at the Knucklehead Pub provincial roadhouse in Eagle WI. As I feared, the locals are fearful of this level of rock-n-roll magic, having never been exposed to it before. The fans of the band that trekked here from the big city, Madison, though are quite used to shakin' booty for your mom. If they could only teach the provincials that there's nothing to fear and they can feel safe loosening their sphincters and letting our music penetrate them...

Hillary Got Pneumonia

Politicians are not special. They don't have to disclose anything about their personal health any more than you or I do. There are laws (HIPAA) that protect the privacy of every citizens' health records. So I don't care or need to know about a presidential candidates health history.

But I do expect politicians to be honest with themselves and responsible to the people. If you are too sick to run for and subsequently be President, don't. Period.

That being said, pneumonia is a totally treatable illness and not a disqualifier for the Presidency. I assume neither candidate has any serious health issues that undermine their long term leadership abilities.

But this begs a more general question. Both candidates are pretty old and nearing the average life span for a human being. In other words, Clinton and Trump are both at about a 50% risk of dropping dead. What happens if one of them succumbs to a fatal illness before the November election? I honestly have no idea. Presumably the parties would put forward runner up candidates, like say Bernie Sanders or (God forbid) Ted Cruz.

Life Sucks. Then You Keep Coming Back for More.

It's amazing what people will disclose about their sh!tty lives in public. I am at Tires Plus for an oil change, waiting in the lounge for them to change a bulb on my car that's out. That's probably the maximum amount of drama I'll experience today and it's more than enough.

But there's a fat old woman sitting across from me in the lounge and she's bitching to someone on her smart phone about some super sh!tty drama that's going on in her life. Police, court cases, evictions, drug houses, captives, kidnapping, escapees, crazy people, "sex insanity," child molestation, rape, etc.

Wow. I'd totally disenfranchise a life like that...just move somewhere else and disappear. But even if I didn't do that, I would not share my sh!tty drama with complete strangers in public.

Who knows how much of her blabbery is actually true vs sensationalization of a much more mundane reality? But it seems to me, people who share their negative experiences in public are attention seekers who thrive on extreme drama - so much so that they'll manufacture it if needed - and that seems to be what the woman at Tires Plus is.