Live Your Life as if Donald Trump Will Destroy the World

There is a bright side to Donald Trump's presidency, in fact the only one I can see at present. It has the potential to make you live your life more fully...because there might not be much time left to do so.

If, hypothetically, Donald Trump were to accidentally or willfully, say, start World War 3 tomorrow and end all life on Earth, what would you regret doing or not doing in your tragically truncated life?

There is no time like the present to go do the things you have always wanted to do, or quit doing that things you hate. Maybe it's your boring, soul-sucking day job that prevents you from traveling the world. Well, that window of opportunity might be closing because of Donald Trump's negligence and inadequacy to lead the free world. I recommend you fire your douchy boss and go travel! NOW!

Donald Trump's presidency is rapidly drawing to a close, if recent news reports on his alledged treasonous criminality prove true (though there is no absolute truth, only alternative facts, according to his handlers). Despite the apathy and inaction of Congress, law enforcement, the corporate mainstream media, and the American people (yes, you!) to do anything about it, the extent of the Trump crime family's alledged (and admitted!) high crimes and misdemeanors is simply too great to avoid eventual impeachment, or at least removal from office by the rules of the 24th Amendment to the Constitution. When the Trump reign of error (not a typo) ends, you can bet that Trump's narcissism will lead him to sabotage everything he can before he leaves office, most likely including the world.

So go have as much fun as you can before your quality of life plummets precipitously.

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