Why I Decided to Change Career Fields

I am currently in graduate school to become a marriage and family therapist, after a long career as a tech writer in Corporate America. The other day, one of my lifestyle coaching clients asked me why I decided to quit my decently paying job in a respectable field of work to basically "start over."

The short answer is empathy. The world has changed and people are hurting emotionally and becoming less empathic and altruistic to others. This has pretty much always been the case in Corporate America where, with rare exceptions, sociopathy wins the day...a main reason why I never had aspirations to kiss my way up the corporate ladder of buttholes to middle management.

But after Donald Trump got elected, it became clear to me that Corporate America's asocial materialism had finally fully corrupted American society's soul. I was no fool, mind you; I knew this had been going on for some time, but I deluded myself into thinking other people were smart enough to rise above the sensationalistic fear and hate mongering of corporate politics and mainstream media. I suppressed for as long as I could my growing suspicion that strong emotions trump (pun intended) rational thinking a lot of the time, in part because people have an innate drive to trust others (trust is at the heart of empathy). People want to trust in the well meaning good of others and have faith that no one will try to knock down the house of cards that is American Democracy, which is based on a trust that everyone will try to follow the rules, even if they are non-binding (think Paris Accords). Now my blinders are fully off and I realize that sociopaths in media and government have exploited America's trust for their own personal gain, much the same way as a con man exploits the trust of an elderly couple to drain their bank account.

So I decided to change careers to something where I can help people restore their empathy in the face of a social order that now seeks to undermine it.

But I can't lie to you. Going back to grad school for marriage and family therapy was Plan B. My first gut reaction after the election of Donald Trump was to throw in the towel and move back to my country of origin, Australia, and just let America devour itself from the inside out. I am still kind of on board with this Plan A, which involves a considerably smaller outlay of liquid financial assets. However, I wasn't able to persuade my wife to move to Australia with me and she's my EVERYTHING, so I devised Plan B as the next best option.

So far I am loving school and learning a ton. If you want to learn more about empathy and its effects on individuals, families, and society, go to the library and check out a book called "Born for Love" by Maia Szalavitz and Bruce Perry. I had to read it in its entirety in one weekend to write a book review on it for one of my classes. It's a great read and incredibly educational.


The Cost of Human to Human Interaction is Now $5

Our society increasingly discourages human to human interpersonal contact in the interests of disaster capitalism. It's even state sponsored in some cases.

I'm that luddite who prefers to go into a bank, coffee shoppe, or drugstore and interact with a real person rather than use a faceless, unempathic drive thru, especially nowadays when the drive thru line is 10 cars long and there is no waiting inside...

Studies show that people lack empathy toward people they can't see and put a face to. That's the explanation for road rage, social media trolling, and long distance bombing of dark skinned (we think) people. It's the reason warmongering politicians don't like it when the mainstream media shows the faces and families of soldiers killed in American wars.

I was at the DMV today for a simple title transfer. I went in person, even though I had the option to mail it in (why wait days when you can wait hours?*). On the form for this operation, it said their was a $5 desk fee for in person processing. $5 just to talk to another human and look them in the eyes and pass a few polite words!

*Note: The wait was only a few minutes, about enough time for me to finish filling out the form. Also, the desk clerk was super nice and helpful. Had I sent the title transfer form by mail, I would have accidentally overpaid the state of Wisconsin about $75. In person is generally always a better option. QED.

SCIENCE: Erroneous Beliefs Highly Correlated With Rigid Boundaries Against Knowledge

Social scientists have discovered that there is a high correlation in human beings between holding erroneous beliefs and having rigid mental boundaries against learning new knowledge that might alter said beliefs. Furthermore, the study indicated that this relationship between false beliefs and willful ignorance exists in most humans, with the exception of a handful of social scientists.