The Cost of Human to Human Interaction is Now $5

Our society increasingly discourages human to human interpersonal contact in the interests of disaster capitalism. It's even state sponsored in some cases.

I'm that luddite who prefers to go into a bank, coffee shoppe, or drugstore and interact with a real person rather than use a faceless, unempathic drive thru, especially nowadays when the drive thru line is 10 cars long and there is no waiting inside...

Studies show that people lack empathy toward people they can't see and put a face to. That's the explanation for road rage, social media trolling, and long distance bombing of dark skinned (we think) people. It's the reason warmongering politicians don't like it when the mainstream media shows the faces and families of soldiers killed in American wars.

I was at the DMV today for a simple title transfer. I went in person, even though I had the option to mail it in (why wait days when you can wait hours?*). On the form for this operation, it said their was a $5 desk fee for in person processing. $5 just to talk to another human and look them in the eyes and pass a few polite words!

*Note: The wait was only a few minutes, about enough time for me to finish filling out the form. Also, the desk clerk was super nice and helpful. Had I sent the title transfer form by mail, I would have accidentally overpaid the state of Wisconsin about $75. In person is generally always a better option. QED.

SCIENCE: Erroneous Beliefs Highly Correlated With Rigid Boundaries Against Knowledge

Social scientists have discovered that there is a high correlation in human beings between holding erroneous beliefs and having rigid mental boundaries against learning new knowledge that might alter said beliefs. Furthermore, the study indicated that this relationship between false beliefs and willful ignorance exists in most humans, with the exception of a handful of social scientists.

BREAKING NEWS: Earth Still Not Reduced to Radioactive Slag Desert Notwithstanding Trump Presidency

Notwithstanding his unchecked power to launch nuclear weapons at anyone he wants at any time he wants, Donald Trump still has not reduced the planet Earth to a lifeless radioactive slag desert, stumping socio-political experts who predicted nuclear armageddon would happen weeks ago.

"Giving a narcissistic man-child nukes and a blank check to use them is the textbook definition of an existential crisis," said Biff Jones, a senior analyst at Rand Corporation. "The odds of anyone still being alive on the surface of the planet right now are astronomically slim, and frankly, we're stumped."

Critiques of the Doomsday predictions have pointed to the Anthropomorphic Principle as an explanation as to why Trump has not pressed the proverbial button, sparking global thermonuclear war.

"If a planet is incinerated and there is no one there to scream..." said Alex Rothschild, a quantum physicist at MIT, raising his eyebrows to imply everyone should understand what the hell he meant. In response to the utterly perplexed looks from his audience, he added, "The existence of the universe depends on the existence of sentient beings to observe it. No sentient universe."

The tenuous rationale for the ongoing existence of life on Earth was quickly rebuked. "That argument is anthropocentric, not anthropomorphic," said Jones. "It implies that sentient beings only exist on Earth and nowhere else in the Cosmos. Given the vastness of the universe, that is a ridiculous statement."

None the less, Jones was unable to give a stronger explanation for why the planet has not yet been blown to smithereens as a result of putting nuclear arms in the hands of a senseless egomaniac.

We are following this story closely and will update you as the situation devolves.