I Am Still Recovering From the Weekend

My weekend rocked. Hard.

I spent Saturday morning at the Lake Mills Arts Festival, helping my friend Caitlin who was showing at it. I was up at 6 am and it was non-stop action from about 7 am to 1 pm. I will give details at http://joescoffeefix.blogspot.com, but this is the 2 Minute Reader.

After lunch, Stefan and I cruised down to Delavan WI to rock RocknRoll Fest, organized by our drummer, Peter.

We played 3rd after Sunspot and a School of Rock band of preteens that really wailed. Then a bunch of us walked down to another rocking party at St. Andrews Catholic Church. Catholics sure can drink.

Driving home, Stefan and I swung by MarioPalooza in Fort Atkinson, hosted by our good friend, Mario Rodriguez, and caught a band called Sexy Esther.

Long day, and I slept in until 10 am on Sunday before Stefan and I cruised down to Lake Geneva WI to perform at Laura Stone's Music Show. They loved us.

I got a short power nap in after, then briefly went swimming with Caitlin. We ate dinner and I got to bed around midnight. I slept like a baby but I am still really tired today.



Check out RocknRoll Fest on 7/16 and People Fest 8/11 thru 8/13.

Guppy Effect (http://guppyeffect.com) will be performing RocknRoll Fest, probably around 5:30 pm, surrounded by 3 other awesome bands and a bunch of music fans at the Phoenix Park Bandshell in Delavan WI. Don't confuse this excellent display of local rocknroll talent with the larger, more popular, and much lamer Rock Fest in Cadott, WI. At the latter fest you will fight traffic, have to walk for miles, deal with asshole venue officials, and probably get in a fist fight. But it's milk and honey at RocknRoll Fest.

Guppy Effect isn't playing at People Fest, sadly, but Cactus Joe (Hey, that's me!) might cameo on a song or two with People Bros Band if they will let him (http://cactusjoeonline.com).

So if you like or even love music, forget the rest and join the fests.


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Holiday Weekend

You can catch the greates rock-n-roll band ever, GUPPY EFFECT, twice this weekend.

Saturday 7/2/11 at Carps Landing in Lake Mills WI @ 9 PM and Sunday 7/3/11 at Crivestivus Crivestival in Crivitz WI at 3 PM.

I have a 4-day weekend. Do you?

My employer is giving us Tuesday 7/5 off, by popular demand.

They asked employees if we would rather have the day after New Years off or the day after Independence Day. It was an easy choice in my opinion.

Alas, that will be my only actual day off this whole weekend. On Saturday, I have to pack for the Sunday hippie fest that GUPPY EFFECT is playing at. Then I have to practice some songs for the Carps Landing show on Saturday night. Then I have to rock the show all night, only to get up early on Sunday to cruise the 3.5 hours up to Crivestivus to rock that set.

Then I'm partying over night at Crivestivus, returning home on Monday afternoon.

So Tuesday, I will relax.

Good thing I love rocking.