There's Rocking To Do

I started a new band. It is called Jeebus Preebus and it is somewhat theatrical in a burlesque show sort of way. Check it out at

It is a 4 piece, possibly going on 5. Alter egos come out when this band gets together. One aspect of our band vision is to rotate the instruments we play. I even get to play drums on one song so far.

You can check out our current set list at the web link above. But here it is again.

One Thing Annoys Me About American Health Care

This morning, I had a doctor's appointment. They had a sign telling patients to ask about flu shots. So I asked how much they were. The receptionist didn't know.

In what other business does the sales person not know how much the product costs, even if they have to look it up (which this receptionist didn't even attempt to do)?

It's because our private health insurance industry let's people abdicate personal responsibility for their health care costs. The health care provider has no disincentive to charge the insurance for endless treatments, procedures, and services.

But I am going to get a flu shot just to compare my doctor's fees with Walgreens' (who know their flu shot price, incidentally). I am also avoiding Walgreens because my parents had a horrible flu shot experience there. My mom passed out for 15 minutes and my dad got a horrible rash. I would rather get my shot from someone who at least has the outward appearance of being a trained health professional.

Dave Obey on Ayn Rand

VID_20110917_112542.3gp Watch on Posterous

Dave Obey gives Ayn Rand what for @ Fighting Bob Fest.

Union Thugs @ Fighting Bob Fest?


I have seen tons of smug-producing Prius's @ Fighting Bob Fest but so far not a single Union Thug has shown itself.

Elusive are those rare birds...

My Gun - by the Raging Grannies

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The Raging Grannies sing "My Gun" to the tune of "My Girl."

Liberal Concentration Alert

My proggy sense is tingling.

The Raging Grannies

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Don't mess with granma.

Fighting Bob Fest 2011

I am on my way to my first Fighting Bob (LaFollette) Fest in Madison WI. To the extent it is possible, I will be blogging about it here. You can follow along on FB or Posterous or Blogger or Wordpress, if you are at all interested in my vantage point of the thing.

Most years, the fest is held in Baraboo WI, but I think because of the anti-Scott Walker protests in Madison this spring, they are honoring the Capitol city.

I am glad the FBI is investigating a top Walker aid for using taxpayer dollars to campaign for Walker. I hope they are following some good leads that expose how crooked we all know Walker is.

Actually, I think Walker is just dumb, and thus easily manipulated by Republican stakeholders who want to undermine America (traiterous terrorists). Let's face it, he was a lowly county executive who became governor by riding the wave of voter dissatisfaction with spineless Democrats.

I think politicians should compromise, but if one side refuses to (Republican'ts), the other side (Democraps) should not simply capitulate in the interests of getting something done. Gridlock can be a good thing, if you can show who is responsible for it through unwillingness to compromise. If you capitulate, you not only appear spineless but you cause bad policies to be implemented that only further alienate progressive voters.

Fighting Bob Fest is supposedly about "taking the gloves off," so I will be examining it with a critical eye to that end. You know I have high progressive standards, and the FBF may not satisfy them, but if they come close I may let it slide.

Because I can. This is my blog and I'll post what I wanna. If you don't like it (and I know you do), then why are you still here? (Answer below.)

My Brain is Working Again

This morning, my brain was working so poorly that I briefly worried, in all sincerity, that I had acquired a Naegleria infection. This corresponded with a headache last night and may be due to allergies.

At work, I drank a bunch of caffeinated tea to restore brain function and raise my core temperature, which was quite low due to the chilly fall temperatures we have been having.

If I wrote a book, would you buy and read it? I mean, assuming I write it with full brain function. It is going to be about aliens who disguise themselves as a human band and take over the world by using commercial pop music and autotune to pacify the human race. Political overtones intended.


Over the weekend there was a supernova. I think that is one word. It was a star some 21 million light years away, just off the handle of the Big Dipper.

That's cool.


I read a good blog post today. I don't recall the exact title and I don't have a link right now. I might add one later. But if you google "a brief guide to sucking," you will probably find it.

What I liked about it was that it took a different angle than most posts about mediocrity. It was not about why people suck. Rather, it was about why YOU suck and what you can do about it.

Eating @ HuHot Mongolian Grill


Today was Friday. That's the day of the week some coworkers and I usually eat at HuHot Mongolian Grill in Madison WI. Today was one of those Fridays.

One of the cooks put the smooth on one of my coworkers, who also happens to be the coworker at whose birthday GUPPY EFFECT ( will be rocking on Saturday September 24.

I had 2 heaping plates of HH like the one shown here. I never feel bad about gorging at HH because I get all vegetables and avoid the high calorie sauces. I don't even get noodles. Often I add some chicken and/or tofu for protein. Today, I did add a little pineapple and mandarin orange slices to sweeten it up a bit. I don't think a little fruit is bad. It does have some natural sugar, but it is healthy because it's fruit.

My new lifestyle paradigm is a moderation diet of smaller portions, with the exception of enormous amounts of HH about once per week or less. I tried the Tim Ferriss 4HB diet but I only lost about half the weight I wanted to, then plateaued. This way I can eat what I want when I want. Just less in total calories. Basically weight watchers style I guess.

More Eco Footprint Shrinkage

This morning, a furnace repair man came to my house. He was a little bit ornery, but he tuned up my furnace and installed a new programmable thermostat for me, and all of the work was free of charge, thanks to the Wisconsin Weatherization Program (one of the few cool things Scott Walker hasn't nuked yet). He even went out and bought me a bunch of new furnace filters on the government's tab. So I could overlook his slight orneriness for that.

Now I'll be sending less money each month to charlatan power companies and middle eastern terrorists. That's a win win.