Disenfranchise Rush Hour Traffic

I usually don"t let rush hour traffic into my life. The same goes for reckless and aggressive drivers, whom I quickly dispatch by various methods.

Humans are nothing if not vigorously conformist, a byproduct of our evolution as cooperative social animals. We tend to respond to social cues and do as others do. But we are also remarkably intelligent and able to use reason to break with convention.

We need more of this. I typically go in to work late and stay late to avoid rush hour, since my job is not sensitive to time of day. What are some ways you can disenfranchise rush hour in your life? I would love to hear some creative ways.


Did you ever have a close friend who needed help?

But they wouldn't let you help them?

But you had a sinking feeling no one else was helping them either?

How did it make you feel?

What did you do?

Marketing Fear

You can sell people BS if you are good at marketing it.

There is no question that the most successful businesses are successful because of good marketing. There are almost no good or essential products in the world, other than maybe food. But companies continue to sell things and people continue to buy them (a case in point, people avoid the healthy foods in favor of the well-marketed crappy junk foods).

It is no coincidence that the Republican Party is controlled by wealthy corporations. These corporations got wealthy because they were good at marketing their mediocre products, making consumers think they needed these products for a better life.

This is exactly the way Republicans market their BS. You need Republicans or the enemy (gays, liberals, Mexicans, Muslims, name your bogey man) will take over. Scary.

Marketing is about anxiety (fear). It is the art of instilling in you the idea that if you don't buy something, you will be harmed, or at least at a serious disadvantage. If you don't vote for Republicans, you will let liberals destroy American values. Sound familiar?

It does not work on a rational level, which is why many people say advertising and marketing messages don't work on them. It's a visceral, subconscious effect. If it was rational, you could think your way out of it.

Don't believe Republicans. Heck, don't believe any politicians. In fact, turn off your TV, because the mainstream media is corporate controlled, and thus biased. They are marketing BS. I used to work for a vitamin company that sold crap in bottles. Their marketing was diabolically good, and people bought the stuff. But that did not make the product any better.

Advertisers know that it is not the value of the product that changes, it is the value of the marketing.

Republicans are very good at marketing. And it is no wonder most of them are successful business people, albeit total charlatans. Their product hasn't changed. Free market economics is a horribly inefficient way to run the world. They know this. But they don't sell you on the product. They sell you on anxiety, that the alternative is worse.

Don't believe it. Overcome fear, and think. Be a skeptic, just like you are with consumer products. Macaroni and cheese tastes great, but it is not a part of a balanced diet, and it is nutritionally devitalized. Vegetables are healthy, but they are marketed poorly (no money in it). What laundry detergent best cleans your clothes? Probably any of them. Soap is soap is soap.

Also, organic sugar is no different chemically than regular sugar. And evaporated cane juice is just sugar. Republicans use clever terms to mislead you into thinking BS is not BS.

You know this stuff. Now go do the right thing.

Facebook's "Unsubscribe" Feature

I really like Facebook's "unsubscribe" feature. You can unsubscribe from a friend's posts and still keep them as a friend.

I have a few right wing nutbar friends on FB, and I have to say the new found quietude from their idiotic and asinine posts is BREATHTAKING.

Just thought I would share that, in case you have some otherwise decent friends who are just plain annoying on Facebook.

Here's a quarter, buy a clue: Post interesting things on FB or you will be "unsubscribed."

That said, I am sure lots of people have unsubscibed me already, probably most of my right wing nutbar friends, now that I think about it.

Easy Exercise


Today I went for a 3 mile (+/- 0.1 mile) run over lunch. It wasn't too bad. I started from the building I work at and followed an easy route. The weather was beautiful. Hard to believe it is late October.

Anyway, my lifestyle challenge for the months of November and December is to work out moderately for 45 minutes at least 5 days per week with no dietary restrictions and see where that gets me. It is the holidays and I like to eat, so this will be a timely experiment.

The idea with this challenge is to do easy workouts. Nothing too hard or exhausting. It is to (hopefully) show that you can get benefits from easy workouts, if done often enough. The main barriers are resources and time.

I have a bike on a trainer at home. There is also a small gym at work, with a locker room and shower. So there is no obstacle with resources, for me, though there might be for other people. I can take an hour for lunch usually and the start time is flexible, so there is no time constraint to get in 45 minutes and still have time to shower and change.

The rules are simple. I have to do a minimum of 45 minutes of activity that causes me to break a sweat and (when measurable) gets my pulse over 120. Nothing super difficult. For people more out of shape than me, it should be easy to achieve the sweaty state with nominal effort.

If I do a 90 minute workout on the weekends, I can reduce my weekday workouts to 3. I am free to go over 5 workouts a week. But this is the minimum.

At home, I typically watch Netflix on my laptop while exercise biking. I do this most nights anyway (Mad Men Season 1). So why not watch while doing an easy workout. At work I read a book while on the bike or elliptical.

Join me in my fitness challenge?

Get periodic updates on my progress by subscribing to http://cjscicomm.blogspot.com.

Crazy Drivers

I don't dig maniac drivers.

This morning I had to flash the universal sign for "loser" at some idiot driving a white Honda.

It was weaving in and out of traffic, and swerved right in front of me to pass the car just ahead of me and one lane over. Luckily, I saw the speedster zooming up on my right in the side view mirrow and braked a little to create a big enough gap for it to squeeze through, or else it might have clipped me.

That is when I flashed the ASL letter L and then watched as it rode the bumpers of the many rush hour cars ahead of me.

I got some mild satisfaction when a large construction truck pulled in front of the Honda and slowed it down. Purposeful or not, the driver must have been infuriated.

Why do people have to drive like such morons? Are they in that big of a hurry to get to work? Why do they hate on everybody?

A Case of the Mondays

It's Tuesday, and a great day. Yesterday wasn't so great. I had the Mondays really bad. But it passed, as did Monday itself.

In part, I think my Monday angst had to do with it being my long day. A full day of work is followed by my vocal lesson and then a 2 hour mixing and mastering class that is supposed to end at 9 pm, but usually goes over because the teacher is cool.

In addition, yesterday followed a really long weekend of rocking. Even though Sunday was a relatively free day, I had to do my mixing class homework. I did get a decently early night though.

Did you read all of that? Why are you so intrigued and fascinated with my life?

Getting to Work Early Doesn't Pay

Today I decided to go into work early and get a head start on the week. But there is no benefit to doing this, I have determined.

Life is Entertaining

Some people think I am not very bright.

In reality, I like to let some people think I am not very bright because it entertains me to watch them try to pull the wool over my eyes.

The irony.


Reality will always teach you a lesson, especially when you ignore it for too long, willfully or otherwise.