Organic Food Companies - Grass Fed Beef

I had been promoting a 100% grass fed beef company from Montana that I thought was a worthy provider of organic food online.

I just discovered they dropped me as an affiliate, without telling me. So I pulled their ads and I am not going to promote them online anymore, though I may still buy their organic grass fed beef, because it is good and it is compatible with my lifestyle choice to follow a paleolithic diet.

Why would they do that? I mean, I know I don't get a lot of web traffic, because I am not a shameless Internet Marketer, just a guy who likes to share info I think is useful. I really endorsed their product and even consumed it, overpriced as it was, because it was healthy.

Companies should foster these kinds of relationships. I think. But who am I?

Anyway, go visit my online vitamin store while I contemplate other organic food online options to share with you.

The Rocking

I am having band practice with Clay of Baby Rocket tonight.

Hopefully, Gina will cook some of her awesome food for us.

That is all I have to say right now.