Fox News Nausea

Good Lord!

Could Fox News be any more blatantly propagandistic with this fake news piece about a soldier sacrificing himself for an Afghan girl?

They are clearly trying to diffuse the American anger over the serial killing of 17 Afghans by a rogue soldier (or soldiers...and he is just the scapegoat). Sorry, but even if it was true, the saving of one girl does not undo the murder spree committed by other soldiers throughout the Afghan war.

If you just listen to the description of the situation, it defies belief. Are we supposed to believe an armored vehicle (American, mind you) was barreling toward these kids, yet this one soldier was quick enough to dodge in front of it and save the girl?

Why was the armored vehicle even bearing down on these kids? Why didn't they hit the brakes? Were they trying to run the kids over?

They make the situation sound even more sinister than it probably was.

So, now does this count as a friendly fire incident, since he was killed by an American armored vehicle?

It smells. Don't believe the hype.

Republicans Do Not Exist

That is to say Republicans are nothing but the complete manifestation of the worst human instincts, fear and hate. If you can eliminate those things from your life, Republicans cease to exist. Because the only way they can exist is by appealing to the fears and hatreds of Americans.

HERE is an example.

Because fear and hatred are negative emotions, subjective, and totally dismissable from your life, it is possible to make Republicans vanish into thin air, simply by using your brain and reasoning, rather than letting emotions guide your perception of reality.

I have to give Republican presidential candidates credit though. Their strategy is to take everything they do to divide America on emotional, fear- and hate-based non-issues (things that create no jobs and help no one, like gay marriage, abortion, and fear of Islam), then quickly turn the issue around and blame Obama for it.

See through this. It is not healthy for the soul of America and fear/hate based emotional thinking will eventually rot the country to the core, because it is irrational. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself, said a great man. Only intelligent, emotion-free, rational thinking matters. Do that. Do not fear. Do not hate. These negative emotions will send you straight to hell.

When you succeed at eliminating fear and hate from your mind and soul, Republicans will disappear. Trust me.

Commentary on a Few News Items of the Day

During a short break at work, I checked out some of the headlines online.

I thought it was pretty cool that they have discovered liquid, possibly quite WARM, water on the moon of Saturn known as Enceladus. In fact, it looks like it might be a huge ocean of water on this moon. There is also a lot of organic material. So if the creation of life is a fairly common thing in the universe, this moon might have the right ingredients and a decent temperature to have some. Of course, unfortunately for the fundamentalist religious types, a lack of life there does not in anyway prove that evolution is false of that there is a God. It just means the creation of life through natural processes may be rare or this place doesn't have the right conditions. It is a pretty brutal world, thrown this way and that by the magnetic and gravitational fields of Saturn. Then again, it is just this kind of external energy input that is needed to spark the chemical reactions for life. So I am optimistic. What do you think?

It turns out I was mostly right about Iran not being a threat to the U.S. or really anybody else for now or the foreseeable future. It's not rocket science. The stakeholders in U.S. world hegemony need to create fake enemies and Iran made for a good scapegoat, with it's nutty leaders and total inability to competently defend itself in any way. All you have to do is think about this for a few minutes and don't believe the media hype. That's hard to do without going on a mass media fast, which by the way I recommend everyone try (it's very relaxing). I don't have much more to say about that, but what are your thoughts on THIS.

If you need more proof that Rick Santorum and his followers are crazy buffoons, just READ THIS.

But the award for most asinine news piece of the day goes to Geraldo Rivera, who says wearing a hoodie is harmful to your health, possibly even deadly. I don't know, maybe the FDA should regulate them: SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: In combination with racist white males, hoodies may cause severe injury or death.

Bullets don't kill people. Hoodies do.

Geraldo's an ass.

Good day.