Who is More Important: You or THE MAN?

Do you sacrifice your soul and your well-being at work in order to satisfy THE MAN's needs?

If so, do you believe THE MAN is more important than you?

He's not you know...

THE MAN isn't even a real man. He's the anthropomorphization of the corporate entity. He has no emotion, no empathy, no compassion, no morals, and no ethics. All HE wants is to make money. If you sacrifice yourself to satisfy the profit motive of THE MAN, while you are NOT profiting, there is something wrong with that. You are selling your soul, and that is one thing you should never sell. It's hard to get back.

If you work long painful hours at work and your personal life suffers as a result, then you are valuing THE MAN over yourself.

Don't do that.

You are the most important person in the world. THE MAN is not better than you. If you are going to give your heart and soul to someone or something it should be your family, you partner, your kids, your creative passions, and society, not some amoral, inhuman, non-existent corporate being.

Fear is why you do it.

Let's face it, there is a psychological compulsion to sacrifice yourself for THE MAN. Even though THE MAN does not exist, you believe HE does, manifested via the boss and upper management at the company. Those people aren't better than you either. In fact, many of them are worse. THE MAN rewards the worst kind of soulless people with promotions. These are the ones who sold their soul to move up in the company. They are the kind of people who don't mind stepping on heads. You have to be a douchebag to get ahead in corporate America.

But somehow they have convinced you that you need to work ever harder with less compensation.

And you do it because you fear repercussions and retaliation. You think you might be fired, and then you won't be able to pay the bills. But you know what? It takes a lot to get fired. A true leader stands up to bullshit and recognizes good people who stand up for themselves and think outside the box.

Crappy managers are not leaders. In fact they fear true leaders. If you fear standing up for yourself at work, you may be a leader and they may be simply douchebags in positions of power. Such people do not like leaders and will work to not let leaders move up in the company.

If you are in that situation, you should look for a new job anyway, because you will never move up in an organization that doesn't value true leadership.

So, if you are giving up your own value to help THE MAN profit, this is probably your situation. That's a bummer.

You have two choices. Let THE MAN suck your soul away until it is all gone and you are a sad, pathetic, lifeless corporate drone, or stand up for yourself and value how awesome you are. Get out of your lame job and find a new better one. Better yet, become self employed and work for yourself, you leader you!

REVIEW: Massage Therapy with LeAnn Powers, LMP

I got a table massage today. I give full marks to LeAnn Powers, LMP. She untangled a lot of blocked energy pathways using just enough force to not cause pain. I could actually feel the tense muscles and blocked nerves opening up on the spot.

Check it out.

Hello Kitty Cakes and Banks

The "Hello Kitty" niche is big, I guess.

Popular, but inexpensive, the Hello Kitty trinkets could make good stocking stuffers.

People like to make Hello Kitty cakes.

Hello Kitty banks are also popular. I personally favor the piggy (kitty) bank idea. It's good to teach children about saving money for the future.

Someday they will have kids and need to buy them Hello Kitty stocking stuffers, presuming Hello Kitty is still as popular 25 years from now as it is today.

Kim Kardashian Marriage

I am creating a post with the sole purpose of backlinking to the keyword term "is kim kardashian pregnant?"

As to the actual answer to the question, is Kim Kardashian pregnant?, I have no idea. But a lot of people apparently would like to know, because it is a very high traffic keyword.

Surprisingly, the competition for this keyword is nowhere near as high as I expected, so I am testing out its potency with a couple of anchored backlinks.

"Kim Kardashian Website" is a decent keyword too. Does she have one? Probably.

Don't know and don't care.

"Kim Kardashian Marriage" is good too.

Gosh, everyone is so nosy. Just leave the poor girl alone...

Thank Goodness I Am a Writer


When I am relegated to eating lunch alone, I am really glad I am a writer. It gives me something to do versus staring off into space thinking about random topics I could be writing about instead. I wonder how much human creativity is lost to the ether because people don't have an accessible way to document the genius going on in their heads. I mean, not that everyone is a genius, nor do we even want to know the nature of the things going on in some peoples' heads. To tell you the truth, I am not that much of a genius, and if some people knew how close they were to getting bashed in the head by my full liter bottle of water, they probably wouldn't like that info.

But actually, I don't think that much creativity is lost to the ether. In absolute terms, a shitload is lost, but in a relative sense not very much. Even if everyone had a quick and easy way to document their headscape, they could only document a little bit of it (think social media), due to human physical limitations. The people, such as myself, who currently document the banalities of their minds, probably aren't doing their best work in any case, although the more you do it, the better you become, which explains why I bust out my smart phone in moments of quiet isolation and spill whatever I am thinking. It's free thought, and it is a tool for honing writing skills, with no effort to generate anything genius or creative. Just write. It just knocks the dust off and gets the juices flowing, like mental exercise. It can be a good forum for ideas for future use.

For example, during my power walk down to the Roman Candle pizzeria, where I am now about to dine in solace, I had a couple of good thoughts. I only remember one of them (see, I lost one to the ether already!).

I have a theory about atheism bringing you closer to God, and I had a corollary to it today. Maybe religious people really do need God to prevent them from going on a bloodthirsty rampage of killing and cannibalism (as Edward Current would say). That is, maybe religiosity is inversely proportional to moral/ethical character. Most atheists I know are pretty decent people all around. Most Christians I know are terrified of the people they might become without the Lord's guidance. And historically, it's religion that correlates most highly with atrocity, not atheism. Atheists don't give a fuck about power and oppression. That's probably why they are weak and generally ridiculed by staunchly religious people.

Damn, I wish I could remember that second idea. It was pretty good. Well, I am going to eat my pizza (for one) and maybe it will come to me if I don't think about it for a little while.

Well it didn't come to me so fuck it. Maybe it will hit me on my power walk back to work...