That was totally not cool blowing up the Boston Marathon, whoever you are.

I don't know what you think your goal was, but if you think it is going to help your cause, you should rethink that. You are now viewed as the scum of the earth by everyone, deserving of everything you get, when you are caught, and you will be caught. No one will ever feel compassion for you and your cause.

You hurt and killed innocent people. These were people just trying to have some fun, people who show us the best in humanity.

And you decided to show us the savage worst that humanity has to offer.

I am sure you are angry and bitter about something. I am sure you think your cause was noble.

It wasn't.

You're are savages. Now the world knows what savages you are. God knows.

There are bad people in this world. I don't think anyone would shed a tear if you blew up some greedy bankers. But these were just nice human beings enjoying a sporting event. They totally did not deserve this and your cause was completely destroyed by doing what you did. Fail.

Sad. And uncool.

Tolerating Mediocrity

I will tell you why people like horribly mediocre pop music. It's because they are given few accessible choices. People could do the leg work to seek out good independent music, but they don't, and the reason is because they are passive and lazy, and they depend on the mianstream institutions to tell them what to consume. Finding good music is intellectual labor, much like shopping for healthy food takes some effort, as opposed to just eating the cheap and easily accessible junk food offered ubiquitously. Pop music is like cultural junk food and your soul will be malnourished by it.

In politics, people are also lazy. They choose between one of the two major political parties because it takes no intellectual labor to choose between two spoon fed options. But I am starting to feel a lot of satisfaction that I voted 3rd party in the last presidential election. More and more I can see that it was ethically the right thing to do not voting for Obama but rather the Green Party candidate (I will let you do some intellectual homework to find out who the candidate was. Hint: it was a woman). Obama wants to appease Republicans by making concessions on Social Security even though this social program is solvent and has zero impact on the debt/deficit (funded separately from the general treasury). He has no basis for doing so. Even if Social Security was running out of money, it is so easily fixed by raising the income cap that can be taxed (or getting rid of it entirely, although that would make it a flat tax...but it is currently a regressive tax because it impacts low income workers more than upper income ones, so a flat tax would at least be a step in the right direction!).

You have a brain and it is a very potent organ. Exercise it and be free of mainstream mediocrity and hyped up drivel. Jon Hamm's awkward high school photos are not news. They are distractions.

Don't Talk

There are two things you should never talk about at work. They are religion and politics. The first one is even illegal in some states, including Wisconsin, although my former employer, the vitamin company, chose to disobey the law. At my current employer, certain of my coworkers love to yammer on about politics. Number one, they are annoying and number two, they are ignorant imbeciles acting like they know it all. I have to put on heavy metal music to blog out their asinine stupidity. You just don't talk about politics at work. It makes you sound like a buffoon to everyone who does not see it your way. That means they will assume you are a buffoon at your job too.

So my advice to some of my more idiotic coworkers is STOP TALKING. Please. It hurts everyone, including you.

Core Incompetencies

Sometimes the incompetencies tolerated in corporate America astound me. How is it that people without a basic 8th grade level of comprehension can successfully navigate the interview process and get hired.

Has the American education system declined that far? These are supposed to be our brightest critical thinkers, college graduates. Is this the best you can produce, America? My heavens!

At a minimum, these people should be able to construct a complete sentence that doesn't trail off right in the middle of...

A couple of weeks ago, my company adopted an app called eTime from ADP to track employee PTO time. The usual idiotic Big Brother kind of shit that companies do when they completely lack any trust in their employees to behave like competent adults (I have to admit, at my company, this may be necessary...). So far the app has been an unmitigated disaster, completely dysfunctional and causing all kinds of headaches and lost time for the innocent employee victims. Do they not beta test these apps before impulsively adopting them?

On top of that, the person tasked with resolving the many problems with the app appears to be a completely incoherent buffoon. I have difficulty comprehending how this total breakdown of reason and logic can go unpunished in corporate America.

To any Madison WI area employers that value basic core competencies, please hire me, for the love of God! I am a technical writer at the top of my field. Accept no substitutes, charlatans, or hacks.