A Horde of Zombie Americans

I dislike obnoxious Americans, especially business travelers who have chosen to leave their humanity at home in favor of corporate presumptuousness. They act so self important and arrogant, as if corporate America grants them immunity from pleasantness.

I was sitting quietly journaling at the Madison WI airport, prior to my flight to Detroit, en route to Europe. I was making zero impact on the comfort spheres of others in the completely empty waiting area I had chosen to write in prior to boarding my flight.

No noise or talking. Nothing.

Then some business traveling woman walks up and noisily plunks down two seats away from me. There were plenty of other "charging stations" available in the deserted waiting area that were nowhere near me. Why did she opt to shatter the relative quietude in my viscinity with her earthquaking obnoxiousness? She did nothing delicately or quietly. She dropped her bag onto the seat from what had to be four feet high, sending unsettling tremors through the rack of seats we were apparently about to share.

I thought about getting up and moving, but decided it was not worth my effort since she was the space invader. I ignored her as she noisily tapped on her laptop and noisily spoke with an apparent business associate on her cell phone. Clearly, her corporate employer had given her a perceived mandate to impose her self importance on the world at large.

Some of her colleagues also arrived and struck up obnoxious conversation.

Thankfully, their flight departed soon after the thundrous dismantling of my happy place. I will not miss obnoxious American corporate zombies at all while I am in Europe.