Oshkosh Police Denied Funding (From Me)

I have a rocky relationship with the Oshkosh WI traffic cops. Ever since they issued me a bogus parking ticket, I decided to deny them any further access to my money. This past weekend was no exception.

My friends and I walked downtown when we went out in Oshkosh to have some fun. Our cars remained parked safely on private property, untouchable by the Oshkosh cop shop and the charlatans that oversee it. Denied!

I have asked the police chief, mayor, and city council to reign in the aggressive traffic cops in Oshkosh, and until they do, all funding of their coffers from me has been cut off. However, I do plan to contribute to removing the incumbent politicians responsible for the sad state of Oshkosh traffic enforcement and I encourage all my Oshkosh brothers and sisters to vote against the incumbency.

The chief, mayor, and city council all need a hiatus of a few months or years to think about their behavior and how they can better serve Oshkosh motorists, especially tourists who are deterred by the cops' draconian tactics.

The Road Stank

The last weekend of May, 2014, I had a rock-n-roll reunion in Ames, Iowa, with my college band of 20 years ago, SINEMA.

It was a very awesome time, as evidence by the ROAD STANK.

What's the road stank?

Glad you asked.

The Friday before my road trip out to Ames from Cambridge, WI, I bike commuted to work. So when I got home on Friday night, I took a nice long shower and cleaned myself up pretty good.

I had to leave pretty early on Saturday morning, in order to make it out to Ames by noon so that the band could have a dress rehearsal of the set of songs we had been learning on our own up until then (truth be told, I crammed most of them the week before the gig, but don't tell).

I decided not to shower on Saturday morning, reasoning that I had showered after my bike commute home the night before and that I would be driving five hours in a car. No reason to be spiffy clean just to drive in a car by myself.

It wasn't terribly hot that morning, so I drove with the windows partly down instead of running the AC. But it got progressively warmer as the day advanced, so I did perspire a little bit.

When I arrived in Ames, the band was hankering to go out to lunch at an awesome pizza joint that I always enjoy when I am there. So we immediately jumped in my buddy Bryon's minivan and drove to eat. It was me, the drummer Dave, Bryon, and his wife Rachel.

When we got back from lunch, it was time for dress rehearsal of the SINEMA set. That went well and when we felt we had the songs at 80% or better, we took a break. Bryon and Dave decided to take showers before the rock show that night, but I again reasoned that I would be getting sweaty from the rocking, so there was no point to waste a shower on me for the short duration of time that I would be clean. I did change my shirt though. When I did, I realized I had only brought two t-shirts in my road trip bag, the one I was wearing and a spare I had planned to wear the following day. I had planned to pack more t-shirts, but I guess I forgot.

We rocked the show at a venue called THE BAR, and due to my energetic performance and the frequent wearing of head gear, I sweated a lot. After the show, I took off my sweat soaked t-shirt and put on a polyester long sleeve shirt that I had in reserve in my props case, a shirt I sometimes wore during shows.

The polyester had good wicking action and I think it helped me to cool down for the after bar we went to at some peoples' house. When we finally went back to Bryon's to go to bed, I changed into the t-shirt I had driven out to Ames in. It was the least soiled of my reduced wardrobe. I slept in it.

The next morning, I kept wearing that shirt when we went out to breakfast. The day before, we had decided that I would drive Dave the drummer to the Des Moines airport on my way back to Wisconsin via North Liberty IA, where I was going to visit a friend. So after breakfast, we had to load the car and hit the road.

Sunday was warmer than Saturday, but I still preferred to drive with the windows down, rather than run the AC. By the time I got to my buddy Brian's house in North Liberty IA, I was feeling pretty grimy and I could start to smell the road stank on me.

Brian and his wife Molly took me to a place near them for dinner before I chugged on to Madison to perform at the Funk's Open Jam that night, with my current band GUPPY EFFECT. I don't think they noticed my growing stank.

On the drive back to Madison, the woman I had been seeing for a few weeks called me to dump me. It was a bit of a surprise, but in retrospect, due to all my gigs and getting ready to move to Madison, I had not been as available to her as I should have been. Still, it was regrettable. She is a great girl. I guess she just didn't "get" me. It's too bad she waited until Sunday to let me know. On Saturday night, at the after bar, a cute girl took a fancy to me, and I could have acted on it but for the fact that I was not technically single then. I know my ex meant well. She thought she was doing me a favor by not distracting me with a breakup before my important rock show. Double bummer.

I drove through some really severe thunderstorms on my way back to Madison from North Liberty, and when I arrived at Funk's, it was pouring. I dashed into the bar wihout getting too soaked, and was glad for the cooling rain that had reduced my road stank a little bit.

Later that night, when I got home to Cambridge, I was too exhausted to shower. It was a satisfying fatigue of non stop rocking and fun, but I just needed to crawl into bed and sleep, road stank or no. I showered the next morning, finally cleaning 48 hours of accumulated road stank off my body.