Minimum Wage

Raising the minimum wage probably won’t cause profitable businesses to raise prices or go out of business.

But so what if it does?

Last time I checked, human beings were more valuable than corporate entities.

People working 40 hours a week should not be making a starvation wage while the CEOs and shareholders vacation in the Bahamas.

That is essentially slavery.

The businesses will adapt. And those that don’t will go out of business. That’s a good thing. Social Darwinism…the profitable and moral/ethical businesses will prevail and the weak sauce will be culled.

A Monday Morning Joe

Joe awoke in his girlfriend’s bed, the sound of her smart phone alarm barely penetrating the thick earplugs he wore most nights to block out random sounds and ensure a good night’s sleep, which he had achieved. After an action packed weekend with Deborah up at his folks’ cabin in northern WI, he had needed the rest. The alarm had gone off while Deborah was in the bathroom and the raucous sound of it set her dog, Smokie, to barking in his crate near the window. Her other dog, Maddie, jumped off the bed and scuttled across the wood floor toward the bedroom door, excited to get a good feed and begin the day.

“Sweets,” Joe called. “ I think your dogs need to go out.” Joe’s dog Foster remained sprawled out on the bed, not quite as ambitious to face the day as Deborah’s dogs were. Joe felt the same way and thought happy thoughts about the coffee he knew was brewing in the kitchen downstairs. He had prepared the coffee maker and set the timer the night before.

Deborah emerged from the bathroom and said something Joe could not hear with his earplugs still in.

“Come again?” Joe said. Deborah glared at him and mimed the action of removing earplugs from one’s ears. He pulled them out. “OK, they’re out,” Joe said. Deborah didn’t repeat whatever it was she had said. As Joe lay in the bed, Deborah took Smokie out of his crate and carried him out of the room toward the stairs. Maddie followed on foot. Smokie was an old and arthritis-ridden dog that could no longer navigate stairs. Maddie was a few years younger.

Joe lay in the bed a bit longer. She heard Deborah call for his dog Foster from downstairs. “Let’s go outside,” she beckoned. Foster roused himself and trotted slowly out of the bedroom and down the stairs to be let out into the back yard with the other dogs, Joe assumed.

Joe rolled to an upright position on the edge of the bed and pulled on the shorts he had been wearing most of the weekend. He rose and walked carefully to the bathroom in the hall outside the bedroom, fully expecting to step in a puddle of dog pee as he did. However, his path was clear of micturate. Joe relieved himself in the hall bathroom, careful to put the toilet seat down when he was done, a habit he was developing at Deborah’s pleading.

Returning to the bedroom, he pulled on the tee shirt he had worn for the car drive back from the cabin the night before. He planned to bike, walk, or run to work and would wear the used items of clothing when he did so since they would get more soiled anyway. No sense sweating up a fresh and clean set of clothes.

Joe slipped on his fleece lined camo slippers and descended the stairs, turning right at the bottom and making his way through the dining room to the kitchen. He retrieved his large coffee mug from the cupboard and filled the bottom of it with almond milk from the refrigerator and a couple of ice cubes from the freezer. He then filled the rest of the cup to the brim with coffee. It looked dark and strong to his eye, and this made him happy. He drew a fork from the silverware drawer and used this to mix the almond milk/coffee blend so the ice cubes could cool it to a drinkable temperature. He ripped a paper towel from the dispenser and used this to set the fork on to prevent coffee from staining the countertop.

Joe picked up his coffee cup and mosied toward the dining room to take a seat at the table. Deborah came into the dining room through the door from the back porch where she had been waiting outside for the dogs to finish their business in the yard. She came around the counter into the kitchen, then stopped and spun around toward Joe.

“So, I have noticed this a few times,” Deborah said. “What is with the fork on the paper towel I see every morning?”

“Ah, yes.” Joe replied. “I use the form to mix my coffee and then I put it on the paper towel to prevent a stain on the counter.”

“Why don’t you just put the fork in the dishwasher?” Deborah asked. “Then you can save a paper towel.”

“Well, I suppose I could.” Joe replied. “In fact, I could probably just rinse it off and put it in the dish rack, since it’s just coffee. I will do so henceforth.”

Joe guzzled his coffee.

How Dumb Will America Get

The right wingers and Republicans (and even some corporatist Democrats) have been conducting a social experiment over the past ~30 years, to see just how low America will go on anti-intellectualism, which I will call THE DUMB henceforth.

They spout increasingly ridiculous ideology and vitriol, yet there does not seem to be any baseline below which Americans refuse to consume the moronic idiocy. As far as the sociological experiment is concerned, it’s a huge success. Americans will consume and digest ANYTHING, seemingly without question.

This bodes very well for the Republicans in the 2016 Presidential Elections. They can pretty much say anything and it will have no bearing on their ratings or ability to win the election.

If you need an example of this, look no further than Donald Trump. He’s a blathering mental retard. He bankrupted a casino. A CASINO FOR GOD’S SAKE! A business designed to make money hand over fist without even trying. The things he said are patently ridiculous and idiotic on their face. And yet…he is ranked #2 after Jeb Bush in popularity among Republican voters. What?

If the free marketplace of ideas does not have any way to disenfranchise sh!tty ideas, then it’s useless. A free market is supposed to favor good ideas and sideline sh!tty ones. That does not seem to happen in the marketplace of ideas, so it is not very functional from a practical standpoint, apparently.

Anyway, this is by design. The oligarchy literally wants to know how extremely stupid they can be and still get popular support. The results are in…they can and probably will get much stupider, with no ill effects whatsoever. Except of course for the dumbing down of the USA to the point of failure.

There is No Longer a Baseline for Weak Sauce in America

I am depressed and disgusted by presidential politics. Nay, all politics!

I am particularly put off by the Republican Clown Car, with its 25+ potential contenders, the ranks of which include the crooked lazy eyed douchewad Scott Walker and the ridiculously inane moron and failed business man Donald Trump.

There seems to be no minimum threshold of ridiculousness below which Americans will not go. Just when you think they can go no lower, the bottom drops out again...and again...and again.

Since it is Bastille Day (7/14), I will comfort and console myself with wishful thoughts of guillotines and a popular uprising against what any sane person would call a Circus of Intellectual Destitution.