Is Global Warming Real?

Yes, global warming is real and climate change is its consequence.

Global warming deniers like to argue there is no global warming because there are still extremes of cold weather in places. The worst of them simply point to snow and say, "See?" They are what we refer to as imbeciles, boys and girls.

Global warming causes extremes of both hot and cold weather, but the net trend is increasing temperatures globally. The simplest evidence for this is that nearly all the temperature records that have been broken in the past 50 years have been for HEAT, not cold.

Get it now?

State Bike Trails Decline Rapidly Post Walker Budget

The state bike trails around Wisconsin used to be pretty awesome. The user fee for a state trail pass went to maintaining the infrastructure. But since the passage of Scott Walker's new budget, which cuts these funds as well as DNR staff, the state trails are already declining noticeably.

I was out biking on them twice this past weekend and the packed limestone trail surface in places is heavily eroded. The wood planks on the bridges on the trails are warped and splintering and there are even rusty nails protruding from some of the wood that could cause damage to bike tires, or worse.

Good luck, Wisconsin. You really picked a winner with Scott Walker.