Lead in the Water in Jackson Mississippi

Jackson Mississippi has now fallen prey to a lead tainted water supply. When will the American people buy a clue that their leaders have forsaken them and recognize that American infrastructure is crumbling to lead-based dust? We are becoming a third world country because of a huge wealth disparity between rich and poor. 

Hillary Clinton won't do anything to fix it. She's a corporatist shill for the 1% and was once a Republican, so why would she lift a finger? Bernie Sanders has a vision and a plan to create jobs by fixing American infrastructure. Can he implement it? Who knows, with this obstructionist Congress. But one thing is certain...he is the only one who will TRY to fix it. And that's enough for me to vote for him. I want to see Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder arrested and jailed for criminal negligence with the Flint MI water crisis.

At the end of the film "The Big Short," we are told that the real life market savant Michael Burry (played by Christian Bale in the film), who saw the housing market meltdown before anyone else did, has been investing in one commodity the past few years: WATER. Burry has a knack for seeing patterns in numbers and he has historically gotten it right, making big dollars for his investor customers.

Experts have long predicted that a water crisis will happen long before an oil crisis does. While everyone is bickering about fossil fuels, the world's fresh water supplies are in danger.

In any case, we need to make some big changes in the way we do things in America. The oligarchs who run things and who have rigged the system want a third world type economy in the USA, and thus far people have been compliant and acquiescent. Bernie Sanders is the only one calling for a political revolution and a rebuilding of America's crumbling infrastructure, which will create jobs. He wants the rich to start paying for a 21st century America. I am all for it, and he has my vote.

Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder Needs to be Prosecuted and Jailed for the Flint Water Crisis

There is no doubt whatsoever that Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder was criminally negligent for his role in the Flint water crisis. He needs to be arrested, tried, and jailed for negligent homicide and conspiracy to cover up the crisis, which he knew about well in advance of doing anything about it.
I am amazed the people of Flint have not arrested and jailed this guy. They'd be within their rights. Flint police officers should get an arrest warrant and take the guy to jail, awaiting trial.

But maybe the lead poisoning has fuddled the minds of Flint residents? Honestly, this guy literally tried to poison them. To death. On purpose. The people of Flint should not acquiesce and give up so easily. Justice is needed.

Maybe Chris Matthews Really Does Hate Bernie Sanders

Last night, I watched Chris Matthews of MSNBC's Hardball program really lay into Bernie Sanders. He had every right to do so and his line of questioning was reasonable and on point. To wit, how will Bernie Sanders implement his proposed bold policies when he has to work with an obstructionist Senate led by dickbag Mitch McConnell? OK, Matthews didn't say dickbag; that was me. Regardless, it is rare to see a corporate mainstream journalist ask tough questions in this age of media manufactured memes, and so at first I was glad when Matthews aptly played "hardball."

The problem is that Matthews never let Sanders answer. Every time Sanders tried to talk, Matthews would butt in two seconds later, cutting Sanders off so he could never get his answer out. Then Matthews simply inserted his own answers to his own questions. It was bad form and made me start to think Matthews is really a shill for Hillary Clinton, as many have claimed. Let the guy answer, Matthews!

Ironically, when Sanders did eventually get a chance to answer, what he said applied to both the Republican Senate and to Matthews himself. That is, the people are going to get what they want eventually. You can stomp on Sanders all you want, but if people vote for him and demand his policies be implemented, then you can just @#$% right off.

The red flag was when Sanders asked Matthews if he would have believed four years ago that gay marriage would be legal in all 50 stares. Of course, the answer is NO, but Matthews pretended like he might have believed it, which is nonsense.

Sanders' point is that things can change very fast if people want change. The Berlin Wall came down essentially overnight because thousands of people brought hammers and chisels and started chipping away at it little by little.

Change can happen but it requires vision and collective will. Americans have become acquiescent due to a culture of fear and oppression. If they don't get over it soon, things will get irreversibly bad. So @#$% all the haters and fear mongers...let's rebuild America's infrastructure and create jobs and a strong middle class to power the economy. Bernie Sanders' political revolution is needed more than ever.

Hitler vs Lenin

To hear liberals talk, Donald Trump is the next Hitler. To hear conservatives talk, Bernie Sanders is the next Lenin.

I'm a Lenin man.

But seriously, there is so much extremist rhetoric in politics right now. But there aren't a lot of choices. So people opt out. Voter turnouts are at record lows.

I don't have an answer. Except everyone chill the fuck out and stop being so extreme and sensationalistic. Use your brain and leverage your vote.

Things aren't as bad as the corporate mainstream media and politicians want you to believe. They thrive on fear and loathing, as Hunter S. Thompson knew well.

That is all. Sorry I could not give you better answers.

America is Ready for Fear and Hate

Thank God for Donald Trump. Finally, a candidate who will push forward America's long overdue fear and hate based agenda and who embraces a vision to return America to its original unruly Third World libertarian wild west status after years of progress. Vote Trump and "just say no" to the Progressives who want to move America into the liberal hippy-trippy touchy-feely European style 21st century with its all inclusive altruism. Everyone knows the poor have it easy, so vote Trump to ensure all Americans can be poor and get their handouts from the handful of hard working wise and benevolent billionaire oligarchs who rule them.