It's very rare, but there are times when the level of technical difficulties at a rock-n-roll show are so extreme that the band must simply stop. Stop playing and admit defeat. Pack up. Go home. I hope that none of my bands ever experience this. But I sympathize with any band that does. May the Rock Gods have mercy on their souls.


At this point, I don't think I need to wait for Trump to get elected to justify leaving the country. The entire moronic presidential farce is enough to illustrate that America is doomed.


I am glad I never took prescription opiates, but I feel bad for everyone who did and got addicted.

Americans represent 5% of the world's population and use over 75% of the world's opiates (and fossil fuels, incidentally).

That's effed up.


The happiness and contentment they felt as they left the bar after the rock show was transformed to revulsion and pity by the drunk woman rolling in the gutter, covered in her own regurgitate and struggling to stand up, as her comrades tried vainly to relieve her pathos. They fled.

Dickish Libs

A couple weeks ago, I pulled over to the side of a road to pick someone up, ensuring I was safely out of the flow of traffic. My passenger wasn't quite ready so I put my hazards on, per standard protocol, since I was not parked, just standing. A couple minutes after I did so, a bicyclist passed my car on the left and yelled, "You're in the bike lane!" Rude! I knew I was in the bike lane, but it was also a parking lane, plus I had my hazards on, the universal sign for chill the fuck out. Plus there was an actual bike lane on the sidewalk. I hate when militant liberal cyclists pull that elitist shit thinking they are better than everyone and not tolerating anything that shakes their worldview. MY BIKE LANE. KEEP OUT!

I hold liberals and progressives (maybe they are the same thing, I don't know or care) to a higher standard and here is why. When conservatives and right wingers act douchey, it's kind of expected. Not that all conservatives and right wingers are douchey, but its within the boundaries of conventional conservative/rightey behavior to be douchey. But liberals need to be more decent, by convention. When they are dicks, they bring all liberals/progressives down to a lower standard.

So, liberals, don't be dicks when there is no reason to. I was helping someone and I did everything by the book. Observe your surroundings and adapt. You make liberals look bad when you act like a douche.

Thanks. Bye.


You would think that the Flint MI water crisis would be a wakeup call to Americans about their rapidly crumbling infrastructure, but apparently America took an Ambien before bed, because they are sound asleep.