Why is BREAKING NEWS All News These Days?

Every time my fiancée Deborah turns on the TV to a news channel, I see the caption BREAKING NEWS on the bottom of the screen. Every time!

"Oh wow! Breaking news!" I exclaim excitedly. "Turn it up! Turn it up! Turn it up!"

Deborah turns up the volume only to find that the breaking news is just the news. Plain old regular news.

"Is breaking news the new news?" I ask, confused.

"Maybe it's to get more people to pay attention to the news," Deborah suggests.

"That could be," I say. "But pretty soon people are going to see through that ploy. It's like crying wolf..."

"Well...you are still falling for the ploy," Deborah notes, accurately.

"Dammit," I say. "Turn it off! Turn it off! Turn it off!"

Did You Know There is an Election in Wisconsin Today? Important One Too!

The establishment powers that be don't like to publicize school board elections, because having qualified people (like Tony Evers) running public schools means the next generation of kids might get enough critical thinking skills to see through their BS.

There is such an election today, and it's an important one. Two right wing anti public education candidates are trying to knock Tony Evers out of the running as Superintendant of Public Schools.

You can let that happen and dumb down the next generation of kids, or you can go vote today, February 21.


Well, Environment...It Was Nice Knowing You!

Where can a guy go now to escape toxic air, soil, and water?

If you answered the United States, you'd be wrong.

Thanks, Congress, for confirming EPA hating Scott Pruitt as Secretary of the EPA, and basically punching Mother Nature in the face.

Careful what you eat, drink, and breathe though. That sh!t can come back to bite you.

Performance Enhancing Drugs

How come it's OK for musicians to take performance enhancing drugs, but not athletes?

As a musician who does not "dope," I find that grossly unfair.

So there.

The Dishonest Media

The dishonest media is saying Donald Trump discussed classified information with uncleared people while he was at one of his private resorts.

But how can the dishonest media know this if they were not there? And if they were there, then how could it be a private party?

It would appear that people at the party were tweeting and posting Trump's comments on social media. But that's social media, not mainstream media and we all know that information on social media is fake news.

This line of reasoning is idiotic.

So there.

Been Keepin' the Alt Facts to a Minimum

I've been avoiding both social and mainstream media pretty successfully since the start of the new year. It's been pretty eye opening, especially seeing how misguided many people are due to fake news and so-called "alternative facts."

It's kind of sad that we now live in an age when you are smarter if you actually avoid most forms of media. I'm not suggesting you are smart, in an absolute sense, if you avoid media, just that mainstream and social media actually make you dumber than you would be without it. However, it is a smart decision to avoid mainstream and social media, if you can.

Facebook has literally become a corporate tool with the sole purpose of addicting people to social media for generating revenue. It has no other purpose. It makes you believe it has other purposes, like cat memes and feel good political movements, but that is by design. Those faux purposes are just the brain candy used to keep you fixated and thus continually exposed to monetized advertising messages.

Is Anything Useful or Important Happening on the Face?

I've been off Facebook for a while now, as part of what started as a New Year's Resolution to fast from social media for two weeks, and it's been great. I haven't missed it, my brain feels cleaner, and the amount of free time I have recouped is ridiculous. I feel as though I have literally doubled my effective living of life since I chose not to be a pawn in the diabolical online marketing scheme that is social media's principle reason for being (did you think it was really to convey Morgan Freeman's wisdom to the world?).

Is anything useful or important happening on social media? Last time I checked, the answer was unquestionably "NO." I have no strong compulsion to check again. It's not worth the cost, even if the exposure to alternative facts and fake news is brief. So I am asking my readers who are still wired into the social media matrix to please let me know if you encounter anything useful or important on social media. Just leave a comment below with a brief summary of your amazing find, with a link so I can check it out. I don't expect many comments, due to the overall uselessness of social media, but as a skeptic I look forward to being proven wrong.

Conversely, I'd love to hear from you about what is going on in your life, you actual, real-world life. In fact, I'd much rather know about that. So please do leave a comment about that.

The Affordable Care Act is the Same Thing as Obamacare

It seems ridiculous that I have to explain this, but it has come to my attention that there are a significant number of people who think Obamacare is a different thing from the Affordable Care Act.

They are the same exact thing.

People, you have the entire Giant Internet Brain (same thing as the Internet) at you fingertips. USE IT!

IDEA BOX: You Aren't Doing Enough to Get Rid of Trump

America, you are not doing enough to get rid of Donald Trump. The Democrats were, unbelievably, right about one thing...Donald Trump is not competent to hold the office of POTUS. That is not my opinion. Just look at the fustercluck caused by the dictatorial passage of the Muslim travel ban (yes, I am going to call bullshite on the claim that it's not a Muslim ban, and eff you if you don't like it...you shouldn't be reading this post anyway!).

In this free market, information driven age, protesting on the street - though it may give you warm tingly feelings - is insufficient, possibly even counterproductive (thanks to trolls and fake news). To make an impact on the Corporate Establishment, you have to kick them where it hurts...the FAMILY JEWELS.

Here is what I am going to do in protest against Trump until he is removed from office by whatever legal means necessary (unlike Trump...I work within the law). Trust me, when Corporate America feels a financial sting, they act.

I am boycotting EVERYTHING (bare essentials like food, shelter, clothing, energy excluded).

I'm not donating to anything.

I'm not subscribing to anything.

I'm not shopping at any stores other than what's absolutelynecessary.

I'm only buying gas at socially responsible Citgo gas stations (owned by Venezuela's nationalized oil company...all profits go to schools, hospitals, and social welfare in Venezuela, the least corrupt and violent of all the OPEC countries).

Alumni Associations? Eff you. Take a stand against Trump.

Progressive causes? Eff you. Work harder to get rid of Trump.

Amazon? Eff you. I'm supporting my public library henceforth.

Chain stores? Eff you. Mom and pop shops only.

To have an impact, this requires that we all do something similar. Make the Corporate Establishment feel pain and associate it with Trump.

I'll bet it's easier than you think to cut your discretionary spending IN HALF to thwart and end Trump's authoritarian dictatorship. If the liberal half of America cut their spending in half, that would hit the Corporate Establishment hard.

Plus, you'll be saving money for retirement...because reality check...Trump will most definitely ensure your IRA is transferred to the 1% long before you retire.

Even if the right wing nutjob half of the nation counterprotests with a mass spending spree, it's still good. It's like when a redneck rages past my Prius in a souped up, coal rolling pickup truck (btw, sorry about your penis, bruh!). It's hard to be annoyed when I know his bank account is hemorrhaging to pay for that gas guzzling penile enhancer.

So do what you want. But I hope you'll join me and share this, to force the actual powers that be (corporate monied interests) to persuade Trump to leave office, the easy way or the hard way (impeachment).

Trump is Alienating Everyone

I suppose there are a handful of people out there who still think Donald Trump is doing a great job, just as there will always be people who are into copraphagy (eating other peoples' poo). There is a fetish for everyone...

I don't envy most of the people who voted for Trump though. They are in a tight spot, between a rock and a hard place. There are basically only two ways to deal with the cognitive dissonance of voting for an incompetent buffoon. You can rationalize it by changing your thought process to embrace Trump's scorched earth approach to governing. This is the easiest thing to do and thus what most people will do, becoming a huge, rabid, hateful army of obedient Trump automatons. This is probably by design. A few might choose the harder path, admitting they totally effed up and trying to do something about it, to fix it. That's modifying their behavior to deal with their cognitive dissonance, a much more pragmatic approach and that used by most scientists.

Trump Just Took a Huge Shit in Your Tap Water

Drink up! I'm not even going to explain what Trump's Republican minions just did to the Clean Water Act, because you either already know or you don't give a shit (pun sort of intended).

President Obama Was Robbed of His Rightful Supreme Court Pick

The Constitutional crisis that solidified the downfall of American society was not the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency. It was when Republicans in Congress violated the Constitution by blocking President Barack Obama's constitutional duty to lawfully and rightfully select a Supreme Court justice to replace Antonin Scalia. That was a totally political and unconstitutional move by Republicans. That was the moment when Americans should have realized that the Constitution is a tenuous house of cards that can only remain standing if the PEOPLE stand up for it. By letting Republicans do this to Obama, the American people blew down the house of cards and in so doing deserve everything they get as a result. No matter what your politics, democracy and a stable republic are lost if the Constitution is discarded. Most Americans probably don't know that Russia's Constitution is very similar to that of the United States, but under authoritarian, autocratic rule in the 1950s, the Russian people allowed it to be trampled and you can see how that turned out. Americans need to decide if they are going to uphold the American social contract documented in the Constitution or succumb to petty racism and divisiveness and suffer the consequences. It may be too late.