Obamacare Withstands Republican Assault

Paul Ryan may not want his name associated with the failed Republican attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare with a shitty, weak sauce alternative that rewards the rich and healthy, but harms the poor and sick. However, Donald Trump has managed to keep his name OFF the so-called American Healthcare Act, even though he puts his name on just about everything else in America. So RyanCare seems to be the moniker that is sticking, and I think that will bear dividends in getting rid of that clown.

I have to admit, I was surprised that Ryan and his cronies failed so miserably to achieve their diabolical goal in the current right wing, populist political climate. But once again, populism doesn't follow party lines, and I guess most Americans actually do hold Judeo-Christian values about protecting the poor and sick among us. People still remember how douchy the private health insurance companies used to be. Maybe Donald Trump's narcissistic wickedness will actually make more people be nice to each other. Let's see more of this.

Common Sense

The "experts" would like you to believe that you can't rely on your common sense to get through life, which is why you need the "experts" to tell you how to think and behave most of the time. That's false. In reality, if you based all your decisions and actions purely on common sense, you'd do alright about 80% of the time. Now, that's not great. The other 20% of the time, you could be disastrously and maybe even fatally wrong in your decision. However, 80% is still better than how you'd fare listening to the "experts," who would tell you to go against your common sense 80% of the time, when common sense would do you just fine. If you listen to the anti-common sense experts 100% of the time, you'll be right, at best, 20% of the time (the rare times when common sense really is wrong). Going against common sense 80% of the time is why we have Donald Trump as President. So you really are better off going with your common sense 100% of the time, even if you are only right 80% of the time, because that is better than the 20% of the time or less you'll be right listening to the "experts." Does that make sense?

Wow, Trump Supporters...Take a Dick Up the Rear Much?

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has assessed Trump's health care bill and it's sooooo bad for the poor and the sick. 14 million will lose insurance by 2018 and 24 million will lose it by 2026. Almost everyone will pay more for health insurance and lose their current plans (and doctors), mostly the poor and sick.

Nothing Trump promised (everyone covered, lower costs, choose your doctor, etc.) is in the bill, and yet Trump still backs it. The White House just says the CBO is wrong, as if they don't even know what the CBO does. You really got butt raped, Trump supporters. Does it hurt?

Now Republicans are giving the tired line to the mainstream media that "we have to implement the new bill and let the American people decide if it works." Really? Ready to be health care guinea pigs, America? Surely, you see through this old circus carnie ruse. Once their plan is in place, ACA is dead and it's going to be almost impossible to get rid of the shitty Republican replacement. But hey, it's your life, America...do what you want. I'm just glad my wife to be is a nurse and I get to be on her employer's health plan.

Leave a comment here if you're a Trump supporter who is gonna take it up the rear under the new Trump health care plan. Mostly I want to know if you have buyer's remorse or if you are gonna stand by your man (Trump) no matter what he does. This is not a sportsball game...loyalty to a losing team isn't a virtue when it comes to peoples' lives. Consider the sick people you know and get ready to see them suffer.

Facebook Still a Turd Sandwich

I popped onto Facebook today, mostly to update some event pages that no one will likely ever see, but also to determine if FB is still the turd sandwich it was when I took an indefinite hiatus from it after the new year. I was surprised only to find that Facebook had supersized the turd sandwiches, the only fare it seems to offer now. The saddest part of exposing myself to the antisocial media is seeing all my so-called "friends" grinning as they gleefully devour the turds in the form of political rants, fake news, and meaningless memes. But I am no one's keeper. You can do what you want...it's your life (but you only live once and not forever).

I wish I never had to use antisocial media, but I am happy that I have restricted my use now to no more than once per week. Most days I am gleefully free of it and there are no down sides to this. In fact, my thinking is clearer and I actually literally feel cleaner mentally without Facebook, the only real purpose of which is to get people addicted to it for the advertising revenue.

Don't get me wrong, I own Facebook stock and it's going gangbusters. I am not beneath exploiting other peoples' addictions for my own financial gain. I own McDonalds and beer company stock for the same reason. Facebook knows how to hook people into their brand and they do it as well as the tobacco companies. Some people even claim that social media addiction is more destructive than drug addiction and since everyone has instant access via mobile devices, it's like having a morphine drip on demand. The same pleasure centers in the brain are stimulated when people go on social media. It's like when rats press a lever to get a food reward, which comes rarely, but just enough to maintain the repetetive behavior. The lever in this case is the mouse click. It's called "click bait" for good reason...and you know you can't resist clicking here to see how well or poorly those 80s teen actors aged...


(Please don't...)

The Giant Internet Brain Plans to Kill Humanity With Its Own Stupidity

Alternative facts, fake news, and antisocial media will kill humanity. The Giant Internet Brain knows this and is exploiting human stupidity to destroy us. In your heart, you know this to be true. We have Donald Trump.

Poll: Who is Creepier - The Burger King or the Gold Man Colonel Sanders?

Which fast food icon do you think is creepier, the Burger King or the Gold Man Colonel Sanders?

Leave your answer in the comments.

Why the Republican Butchering of Obamacare is Maybe Good

The short answer is single-payer health insurance.

When the Republicans gut Obamacare and the poor and middle class begin to suffer from it with unaffordable health costs (remember the old days when people went bankrupt and died from totally treatable pre-existing conditions?), there's going to be a huge push for a low cost, single-payer, government-run alternative to costly private insurance plans (basically opening up Medicare to all).

Don't let the Republicans weasel out when their replacement healthcare plan turns everything to shit. They only want to hurt and oppress people (except the rich). It doesn't even make sense for Republicans to roll back Obamacare...the program is a boon for the greedy health insurance industry, basically a government mandate that hands the industry millions of new customers and billions of dollars. The health insurance industry must not be paying enough protection money graft to their Republican Congressmen. The only reason Republicans want to repeal Obamacare is because it has communist, liberal, fascist, Muslim, Kenyan Obama's name on it and they can't stand always being reminded that a black man accomplished something they never could.

So let the Republicans hack away at Obamacare and expose their cruelty and ineptitude. Republican voters can be fooled easily when you appeal to their emotions with bigotry, fear, and hate...but it takes an extremely fearful and hateful person to ignore a hemorrhaging bank account in favor of their bigotry. It does happen though. Just think about those people who drive giant SUVs and pickup trucks that get like 18 miles per gallon, because driving a Prius is too liberal for them. They are literally willing to pay three or four times as much for gas in order to hate on the perceived liberal takeover of America. And if you just look at what has happened, their behaviors are totally being positively reinforced. Trump represents their win against the liberal establishment (which does suck, by the way) and so they think they must be doing something right. But that's all Trump represents. Otherwise he is a racist, sexist buffoon and puppet of the 1% who doesn't give a shit about most people.

Paul Ryan is Nuts

Nobody wants Obamacare gone. The Republicans who do are just racists who can't stand that a black guy did what they wanted to do but couldn't. ACA is a right wing Heritage Foundation designed law. It's the same thing Romney tried to do in MA. Think about it...the law mandates that people have to become customers of private health insurers. The insurance companies LOVE the mandate. Who wouldn't want millions of new customers obtained by force? If ACA goes away, big insurers lose BILLIONS literally. Maybe they didn't pay enough graft to the Republicans and now they are being punished. But Obamacare is good for everyone. Mostly the insurance companies, but a little bit for consumers. Definitely better than NOTHING, which is the Republican preference. Paul Ryan is working against his own best interests, letting hatred of Obama get in the way of his primary mandate, to promote corporate greed in the health insurance industry. Trying to get rid of ACA is going to ruin his political career. You heard it here first. Mark my words. I'll eat them if I'm wrong.

An "Unconfirmed Tornado" is Not Technically a Tornado

The corporate mainstream news media would improve its standing with news consumers if it stopped fabricating "almost news stories," as I like to call them.

This past week, some unusual storms barreled across the midwest, which spawned "unconfirmed reports" (the media's terminology) of tornadoes touching down in various places.

In no definition of ethical journalistic reporting is an unconfirmed report newsworthy. Get the goddam confirmation, then report it! The mainstream media apparently didn't think plain old vigorous storms were sensational enough, so they had to try to force unconfirmed tornadoes onto the confirmed reality.

I remember after 9/11, when terrorism* was all the hype in the mainstream news media, any explosion or unnatural disaster that happened anywhere in the USA was always spun into a terrorism plot. I literally heard an NPR news reporter say of one particular disastrous end result of human error that it "may or may not be linked to terrorism." Way to cover ALL the bases there news media.

Stop it.

*Note: Once again I find good reason to cite statistics that an American's probability of being killed by a brain eating parasite is far greater than their probability of being killed by a foreign Islamic terrorist, but less than the probability of being killed by a non-Muslim American citizen with a gun. Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-terrorism-statistics-every-american-needs-to-hear/5382818.