The Trump Presidency is Like a Cliche Monster Movie

In horror movies, everyone is trying to escape from or get rid of the monster. Even when you think the monster must surely be destroyed, it always seems to cling to life and bounce back.

That pretty much describes the Trump presidency. A monster that never seems to die no matter what is brought to bear upon it. As in many horror movies, this monster is also filled with self loathing and seems to want to destroy itself, but it can't. Not for lack of trying though.

Twitter Does Not Make it Easy for a Guy to Log the Eff Out

My Twitter usage is both minimal and automated. However, sometimes I need to login to Twitter for some dumb reason. If I don't log back out right away, I start getting all manner of distressing notifications (Hint: All Twitter notifications are distressing just by their very existence, because they impose on my valued attention bandwidth).

It's not easy to log out of Twitter. The option is buried two or three layers in. I ultimately always find it, because there is no viable alternative (being logged into Twitter is unbearable). But I get annoyed and then spend time blasting Twitter's attention seeking in a short blog post. It's time I could be spending on better things.

On the bright side, berating Twitter makes for good pre-writing free writing, which is what this is. So it serves a beneficial purpose.

Eff Twitter.

Today's the Day...

Comey tells all to Congress about Trump's obstruction of justice today.

Then Americans go right back to sleep and nothing happens.

Good day.


It's hard sometimes to be positive these days. The corporate mainstream media seems to thrive on negativity and drama. If you watch the news, it's pretty demoralizing. But the media present a biased impression of the world by only showing us the sad and bad things. The world is actually still a pretty awesome place and if you are reading this, feel happy to be alive. Most people are good and well meaning, even though they do stupid things sometimes (good does not equal smart).

A lot of the information presented by the mainstream media is contextualized in a complex framework of cultural and religious norms (biases) that result in negative interpretations of things that happen in the world. For example, Donald Trump is largely perceived as a douchebag because he does things that non-douchebags don't do. That being said, thousands of airplanes took off and landed without incident today, and that's pretty f*cking positive news...that the mainstream media never tells us about.

I had begun to phase out corporate mainstream media from my life before I met my wife Deborah. She is a news junky and I think it takes a toll on her. She will turn on the TV to see what "breaking news" is breaking. It seems like the BREAKING NEWS banner is perpetually strewn across the bottom of every news program these days. If you don't see breaking news on TV, that's actually kind of newsworthy. Ironic. I usually leave the room when these shows are on. I can tolerate them for about a minute, longer if someone like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or Al Franken is one of the talking heads, but not much longer. Of late, Deborah has been following suit and trying to avoid the negative news shows, at least in the morning. She says this makes her feel more positive during the day. She still watches the nightly news, but by then the window of exposure to the anxiety-inducing negative information is much shorter, and is usually erased by the subsequent good night's sleep.

I like science news. It tends to be pretty positive overall. Say what you will about science, negativity and bias are not its hallmarks. It's usually objective and positive in nature, involving some cool new discovery. For example, a study recently came out that shows that oleic acid, the primary type of fat in olive oil, inhibits a biochemical pathway linked to brain tumor growth. Even though the study was conducted in test tubes and petri dishes, it is still pretty positive news. I consume a lot of olive oil and I have been brain tumor free for my whole life. Haha. But the olive oil-rich Mediterranean diet has been linked to longer life and lower risk of chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. So even though this particular study isn't conclusive proof that olive oil prevents brain tumors in people, it is a potential part of the explanation for olive oil's healthy effects. It probably has a lot of other health benefits too. The point being that science news is positive on the whole.

Conversely, the science behind climate change and global warming is often viewed negatively, whether you are against it ("the science is bad") or for it ("the planet is f*cked"). That's not the fault of the science though, but rather that we are an anthrocentric (human centered) species and a vast majority of us like being alive and having a good quality of life for ourselves and other members of our species (especially our children), the opposite of what happens if we bugger up the planet's climate too much (the minority opinion that climate science is wrong is held by a handful of people who either have a vested interest in it being wrong or they are just douchebags). From a purely objective standpoint though, the science behind climate change is pretty strong, based on empirical observation using measuring devices and computer models, hypothesis testing, and math (it never lies). The science really doesn't give a sh*t what people think or feel about climate change.

Science isn't really a thing that you can choose to accept or's actually just a methodology for seeking truth (which is why politicians and corporate media advertisers HATE it). If you do science well, it is self-correcting and true observations are consistently repeatable, whereas false ones are not. Taking a higher cosmos-level view, the universe doesn't care if we torch ourselves out of existence on this planet. The Laws of Nature will still be true, planet Earth will still revolve around the sun, and after a bit of geological time, some other species may come to dominate the warmer, wetter planet as a result of evolution by natural selection (a true thing, if a couple hundred years of consistent scientific observations on the subject are to be believed). As a species we are not special. Sure, our genes survived 4.5 billion years of evolution by natural selection, no easy task to be sure, but that can also be said of every other species alive on the planet today. So all life on the planet right now is pretty awesome and ought to be respected at the very least, if not understood too.